Friday, December 21, 2012

A bunch of lunch, all at once.

Today is the first day of Lilly's Christmas break, so I figured
I'd post the lunches she's had for the last week or so.
She was sick last week (again) and missed two days of school.
Here's her lunch for the days she was actually well enough 
for school and ate home lunch.
Turkey and cheese sammies
Christmas pretzels with roasted garlic hummus 
Christmas cookies
Juiceheads strawberry banana smoothies
Packed in the GoGreen Lunchbox
Christmas shaped PB&J sammies
Christmas pretzels with Babybel Swiss cheese wedge
Chocolate strawberry granola
Cliff kid Z bar in chocolate brownie
Vanilla pudding with sprinkles
Juiceheads strawberry banana smoothie
This is one day that Lilly said she wished she would've had more
time at lunch to eat it all. :)
Christmas tree PB&J sammies
Christmas cookies
Celery (with Ranch dip in the Christmas tree container)
Red & Green M & Ms
Horizon organic lowfat milk.
Chobani Vanilla Greek yogurt
M&Ms (in the snowman container)
Snowman shaped sammies
Pretzel thins with Babybel Swiss cheese wedge
Horizon organic lowfat milk
Two days, Lilly wanted to eat school lunch and the other two
lunches were just tomato soup and mac n' cheese, so no pics.
We're off school until January 2nd, so have a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

No lunch post today.

Last Friday, the awful happenings at Sandy Hook Elementary School
left so many hearts broken forever.
I can't imagine what those parents and the entire community
must be going through.
I explained to Lilly what happened and her first reaction was
shock and then anger.
Anger that someone could do something so evil.
But we must focus on the lives lost that day,
the brave educators that gave their lives
to try and save the children in their care.
And the people who acted bravely to prevent further loss of such precious lives.
May they all never be forgotten.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nyan Cat and other stuffs.

I'm so glad it's Friday!
Lilly ate school lunch one day this week, and macaroni
and cheese another day (no pic),
but here are the lunches for the rest of the week!
Bagel slices
Mozzarella cheese
Turkey pepperoni
Buddy Fruits blended strawberry
Juiceheads strawberry banana smoothie (not pictured)
Gingerbread girl shaped PB&J sammie
with four gingerbread marshmallows
Colby cheese squares
Dried strawberries
Penguin crackers (in the little gingerbread man box)
Gingerbread man cookie
Milk (not pictured)

Nyan Cat PB&J sammie
Colby cubes
Chocolate strawberry granola
Cucumber (with music note pics)
Ranch dip (not pictured)
Apple juice (not pictured)
This lunch is special.
It's not exactly how I pictured it when I thought I'd make it for her,
but I really wanted to cheer her up.
She's had a tough week.
A playground fall left her with two busted up knees
and the drama with her bully is still happening.
I had a phone conference with her teacher and she
assured me she would take the necessary
steps to end the bullying.
I sincerely hope she does.
Anyway, the theme here is Nyan Cat.
If you aren't familiar with Nyan Cat,
you can watch the super popular video here:
Lilly LOVES this video.
I can't explain why she (or countless others)
are so enthralled by this Pop-Tart, rainbow emitting cat.
She just loves it.
It's drawn in 8-bit style (which is Lilly's favorite),
it's set to a Japanese song (also one of Lilly's interests),
and it's a cat.
I guess I do understand why she likes it so much.
I'm not super happy with how this turned out.
It was late and I decided on a whim to make it.
I WILL attempt a better, more aesthetically pleasing Nyan Cat
bento in the future!