Friday, November 30, 2012

This week's lunches.

This week, we packed lunch four days!
One day was just tomato soup, so no pic.
Here's the other three.
PB&J rectangle sammies
Freeze dried apple slices
Stila strawberry bits
Peach applesauce
Cheddar pretzels
Babybel cheese
Angry Birds triple-decker PB&J sammie
German chocolate marshmallows
Angry Birds graham crackers (only the piggies)
Celery w/ranch
Sugar Free Vanilla yogurt
Juicy Juice Apple juice
1UP turkey & cheese sammie
German chocolate marshmallows
Colby Jack cheese cubes
Cheddar penguin crackers
Freeze dried apple slices with a Mario mustache
Mario fruit strip

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Very few lunches.

Today's post is showing two lunches: Last Thursday and today.
Lilly has only asked for home lunch TWICE in the last two weeks.
She says she wants to be like her friends
and eat at school.
I was trying to step back and let her try things
because it's a new experience and she's just getting into it.
But it's not working.
She has been STARVING the last couple of days
when I picked her up.
She doesn't like this or that on the lunch menu.
Yesterday, she only ate a clementine.
That's it!
I told her as much as she may want to
just eat what her friends eat,
she can't function without a proper lunch.
This is the last day before Thanksgiving break,
but after that, we'll be going back to home lunches 
at least four days a week.
I can make sure she's getting enough to eat
and I know what she's eating.
Here's Thursday's lunch.
Two ham & cheese leaf sammies
Cubed cheddar and mozerella
Goldfish crackers
Buddy Fruits lemon tartlet
Juiceheads strawberry banana smoothie
First off, the lemon tartlet.
Lilly specifically asked for this in the supermarket.
She did NOT like them.
They're not listed on the manufacturer's website,
which is odd, but they also came in raspberry.
Not a repeat purchase here, though.
Here's today's lunch.
PB&J double layer turkey and leaf sammies
Mini Babybel cheese with leaf cutout
Goldfish crackers
Dried strawberries
Sun Rype fruit & veggie strip
Juiceheads Berry smoothie
And a Hostess cupcake (!)
I normally don't buy the cupcakes because I bake quite often
and I'd rather she eat home baked things.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lilly asked for a salad...

Today's lunch is a little bit of a surprise.
Lilly asked for a salad.
I was so surprised that she asked for it.
She'll eat salad from time to time, but usually only when it's 
part of a larger meal.
Salad w/ranch dressing
Dried strawberries and bananas
Cocoa almonds
One Hershey Kiss
Minute Maid Grape juice
I found a little baking set at my local Wal-Mart last night.
I opened it before I thought to get a picture, but it's AWESOME.
It's a Christmas baking set for children that comes with an 
apron, a small rolling pin, a spoon, a spatula,
and the best part...
It came with the big star (the other star cups are from Amazon),
 a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree,
two larger than normal silicone cups, two regular size and two mini.
All for a total of $6.97 before tax!
VERY good deal, if you ask me.
Check out your seasonal isle at Wal-mart to find it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fewer Bentos than I'd like.

Happy Wednesday!
Lately Lilly has been asking to eat school lunch.
She's actually tried a few things she normally wouldn't and the lunches
are very healthy, so why not?
We had a snowstorm last week that resulted in three days
off school and she asked for school lunch on Monday,
but today the school had something she knew she wouldn't like.
So we Bento'ed. :)
Turkey and cheese rollups
Mini Reese cups
Celery with peanut butter
Angry Birds graham crackers
Green and red grapes
Cheezy penguin crackers
Juiceheads Strawberry banana smoothie (not pictured)
I used the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox again for this lunch.
They're really quite handy if your child doesn't mind opening
several containers to get at their lunch.
It might be a bit difficult for smaller children.
I especially like the ice pack that comes with this set.
It snaps onto the bottom of the sandwich container or 
all the small containers.
There are plenty of ways to use this system.
We like it!

Friday, November 2, 2012

It's a bento...can you believe it?

Lilly had no school in the first part of the week due
to the Frankenstorm brought by Hurricane Sandy.
AND, she's decided she wants to eat school
lunch a few days a week.................
not quite sure how I feel about that.
Anyway, I only have one lunch to post and it 
isn't at all creative.
PB&J heart shaped sammies
Angry Birds CheezIts
Quaker Popped chocolate rice cakes
Mini Hershey bar
Lilly asked for PB&J (what a suprise ;) and for the
With Halloween just over, I thought I'd throw a little
chocolate bar in for good measure.
I'd planned to do a whole Wreck-it-Ralph Bento
as today is the highly anticipated (at least in my house)
release date, but time got away from me
and it didn't happen.
Lilly and her dad have a Daddy/Daughter movie date tonight,
so I'm sure it'll be even more appreciated
after she gets to see the film.
Maybe Monday???