Friday, August 31, 2012

Bento Day 5!

Today is Friday!
I am so happy. So happy. 
This first week has been better than I could've
hoped for with Meanie's adjustment.
Bento today has all her favorite things.
Pizza (leftover from dinner)
peach skewers
celery and ranch dip
Fruit Roll-up and marshmallow Sushi
First off, I'm aware the last item sounds a little weird.
I was standing in front of my open pantry,
looking at what I had, trying to figure out something different.
Meanie loves Fruit Roll-ups, but I didn't want to just
stick one in her lunch.
We frequent the Japanese restaurant here in town, 
but Lilly will never try sushi.
I wanted to make a sweet sushi, for just a little Japan-esque element.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bento Day 4!

So I think the week is catching up with Lilly.
She asked this morning how many more days she has
to go before her three day weekend. 
She's excited for Labor Day like never before.
Anyhoo, her Bento today is sammie free, per her request.
I was going to do flower shaped 
PB&J sammies, but she's had enough this week.
It's ham and cheese and cracker time.
Ham and cheese rollups
Pepperidge Farm flower crackers
sunflower seeds
pretzels and Babybel cheese
mini Oreos
shaped strawberry slices
Hershey Simple Pleasures chocolates
Tradewinds sweet tea (not pictured)
I realize this is a lot of food, but in my mind she's going to be hungry.
Lilly gets a good breakfast (carb and a protein), but the time
between breakfast and lunchtime is five hours and fifteen minutes!
That's such a long time to me!
Not to mention, I always think I can fit one more little cup in that box.
AND...since tomorrow is Friday, I may do something special! ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bento Day 3!

There is nothing quite as satisfying in my Mommy world
as opening Lilly's lunchbox at the end of the
school day to find it empty, save a few crumbs.
She's eating all her lunch and it's great!
Like I said, she's never really been a picky eater, but lately
I've been having to ask more than once
what she'd like for dinner.
For today's Bento, I went with some of her favs.
Turkey and Colby cheese heart-shaped sammies
carrots, celery and low-fat ranch dip
strawberries and fat free Cool Whip
Goldfish cupcake flavored graham crackers
Minute Maid 100% Apple juice box

I purchased the little dip containers at Big Lots.
I believe they were five for $1.
I don't profess to be super health conscious, (I battle weight issues and have
for a very long time), but this is a healthy kid lunch to me.
I could give her Lunchables; she does have them from time to time
and likes them pretty well, but I don't like the idea of 
giving her food that's been in a container for ages.
There's nothing wrong with them if you're pressed for time.
Hopefully, she'll continue to be as excited about her lunch
as I am to make it. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bento Day 2!

Today is Day 2 of Lilly's Bento lunches.
I thought I'd do something cutesy special for her today.
Hello Kitty Fluffernutter sandwich
Goldfish crackers
freeze dried fruit
Colby Jack cheese cubes
Babybel cheese
fortune cookie
bottled water (not pictured)
I should also say that Lilly loves Japan.
Hello Kitty is Japanese, so naturally, she loves all things HK.
This sandwich is made with this cutter (click it for larger view).
I purchased it on eBay.
I love this thing! I'm currently looking for other shapes,
so if you find one, please comment! :)
I drew HK's face on with Wilton Food Writer markers, instead of 
using the cocoa powder method in the pic.

Also, the little food pick is from All things for sale

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lilly's First Day of School Bento

Today is a day of firsts. Not just the first post here, but Lilly's first day of third grade. It's also sorta kinda the first day of public school. Well, at least the first day that didn't end horribly. We'd tried public school for second grade, but Lilly's teacher wasn't compatible with her. Yes, that's me being nice. So, after a few days of said incompatibility, we decided to pull her and continue to homeschool. It worked out well, but this year we thought we'd give it a fresh start. So far, she loves her teacher and loves school. I thought I'd start this blog because I had a lot of trouble finding Bento lunch ideas and recipes for kids. Yes, I'm aware there are lots of blogs and such that offer some information, but nothing practical that she will eat. She isn't a picky eater, but I made the mistake of letting her overhear me talking about taste buds changing every seven years, and now she uses that as an excuse to stop eating things she used to love. I wanted simple, nutritious lunches that don't take forever. I'm a working mom, so in the lunchbox and out the door is the idea. 
Her first lunch is pretty simple, like I plan for all the lunches to be. 
Ham and cheese 1/2 sammie
carrots and ranch dip
Chips Ahoy! candy cookies
yogurt covered raisins
Capri Sun Super V (not pictured)

Now I'm going to list what I bought to get started!
I use these Rubbermaid divided containers for her lunch.
They're perfect!
Nothing moves and it seals tightly.
The little cups are Wilton silicone baking cups I found at Walmart.
You can get all different colors, shapes and sizes.
I use an almost flat ice pack underneath to keep things cold.
Lastly, I have to mention the actual Bento stuff.
The "I ♥ U" on her sandwich is from a set of cutters
I purchased on All things for sale.
I could order everything on this site!
I love the little picks and the liners; they have everything!
Anyway, I plan to post Lilly's lunch every school day
as well as recipes or ideas that pop into my head. 
I hope you'll come back.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Way I Bento!

I thought I'd share the way I like to Bento.
I first became interested in Bento because of its Japanese origins.
The Bento I do is a very Amercianized version, showcasing foods
my daughter likes to eat.
I Bento my own way.
As should you.

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