Friday, October 26, 2012

The rest of this week's lunches.

Today is Japan Day at Lilly's school, so for the first time,
she's asked to eat at school...
We'll see how it goes.
Here's Wednesday and Thursday.
Turkey and cheese pumpkin shaped sammies
Celery with ranch dip
Count Chocula treat bar
Apple slices
Juicehead Berry smoothie
Ham & cheese Mummy sammie
Goldfish crackers
Caramel apple skewers (these did NOT hold up)
Carrots and ranch dip
Juicehead Strawberry banana smoothie
I smiled at my cleverness with the caramel apple
skewers until Lilly told me they turned to 
a gooey, inedible mess in her lunchbox.
I'll have to rethink this...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Bento!

Yesterday was an In-School Service day for the teachers,
so that meant no school for Lilly.
I think I'll start posting only once or twice a week and
showing all the lunches.
It might be easier.
PB&J rollups
Carrots & ranch dip (little pumpkin container)
Chobani Kids Berry yogurt
Juiceheads Smoothie

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lilly's been ill...

Today is the first Bento of the week...Lilly's had a nasty virus.
Having been homeschooled for the last three years,
we've avoided the awful reality of school absences
and the need for doctor visits.
Lilly has a checkup once a year and that's about it.
She's only had antibiotics twice, the first time when she was
18 months old and the second time was three weeks ago.
*sigh* What can ya do?
On to her lunch!
Ham and cheese tombstone sammie
Grapes on bat picks
Quaker Oats Stila strawberry bits
Banana chips
Chocolate pumpkin
Minute Maid 100% Grape Juice
Hopefully, she'll adjust and her immune system will adjust!

Friday, October 12, 2012

More Halloween goodness and a new bread!

I found a new bread (at least to us) last night at Kroger.
Or rather Lilly found it.
She LOVES this!
She asked for a whole strawberry banana lunch.
We also found a new smoothie to try.
Lilly is SO picky when it comes to smoothies.
You'd think any blended milk and fruit would do, but
you'd be wrong. :)
We didn't get the orange mango because Lilly can't tolerate
oranges or orange juice.
The acid hurts her mouth and her tummy.
I put the strawberry banana smoothie in her lunchbox today,
so we'll have to see if she digs it.
Here's her lunch.
PB on strawberry banana bread
Pizza Goldfish crackers
Quaker Oats Stila Crispy Oat strawberry cookie bar (cut up)
Juiceheads Strawberry banana smoothie
We'll see if she gets strawberry banana'd out...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Halloween Bento!

I got my new Bento picks in yesterday!
I didn't order quite as much as I thought, but I'm super happy with
the holiday picks.
Here's Lilly's lunch today!
Turkey pepperoni and mild cheddar skeleton skewers
Quaker Oats Stila cranberry and yogurt bits
Three cheese crackers
Two Peep pumpkins
Capri Sun Super V berry juice
To make her regular silicone cups more festive,
I turned a Halloween cupcake liner inside out
and stuck it in the regular cup.
That way, I can see the festive liner, but it has the support of a silicone cup.
It worked well enough. ;)
I normally order from All things for sale, but some of the
things I wanted were out of stock.
I ordered all these from the cake supply store I normally
order from. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Ninja lunch!

Today's lunch is quite important.
Lilly's been having trouble at school with two bullies.
Two BOY bullies.
I anticipated this problem somewhat, but in all honesty,
I never expected BOY bullies.
We're addressing the issue and hoping we can navigate
through the muddy waters of elementary school
bullying, but in the meantime, I've talked
to Lilly about it in a way that makes her feel better.
She draws A LOT.
She draws series' of artwork, her favorite being 
"Pink Ninja Art".
She draws herself as a pink ninja. :)
To quote Lilly on the pink ninja's qualities:
"She's strong, but kind and she always helps people.
She doesn't let anyone be mean to her, but sometimes she 
falls for practical jokes because she's new to the ninja academy."
This is one of her drawings.
We have an entire folder of these drawings at home,
but each one is fantastic in its own way.
I wanted to remind her to be strong, but kind with today's lunch.
PB&Strawberry jelly sandwich
Two strawberry Pocky sticks
Dried strawberries
Reduced fat colby cheese
Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt with lots of sprinkles
Strawberry Yoohoo powder for her milk
I included a blank Lunchbox Love note that I'd 
written a little reminder to channel her inner Pink Ninja.
Oh and the little purple thing on the corner of her sandwich is
an illustration of a glitch in a video game.
Lilly LOVES gaming and she especially likes to find
glitches in the gameplay. 
She said she finds things that aren't supposed to exist to be very interesting. :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 25!

Today's Bento is in one of the My Bento Meal boxes.
First tier:
Ham and cheese sammies
Angry Birds Cheezits
Angry Birds graham crackers 
Second tier:
Hello Panda strawberry cookies
Nature's Park Organic chocolate coconut bar
Carrots with low fat Ranch dip
Capri Sun Super V juice
I've ordered some new Bento supplies that should be
here shortly, so there will be lots
of different Bentos.
In theory. ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

More Halloween Bento goodness!

It's Friday, YAY!
Here's Lilly's lunch for today!
Fat free cream cheese and strawberry 
jelly finger sammies
French onion Sunchips
Fiber One PB & strawberry jelly bar
Cinnamon apples and blueberries
Three gummy pumpkins
Reduced fat chocolate milk
For the finger sammies, I rolled light wheat bread REALLY thin, 
spread it with the cream cheese and jelly, then rolled it up and pinched it to look like a finger.
I added a couple of lines with my food marker.
I added a little smear of cream cheese and the cocoa almond nail.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A spooky lunch!

Lilly asked for a "spooky" lunch today.
I attempted to oblige.
Ham and cheese ghost and bat sammies
Mozzarella skeleton skewer
Celery with low fat ranch dip
Apple mouth with caramel dip (container underneath)
Two pieces of candy corn salt water taffy
Minute Maid Apple juice
I love how the little apple slices turned out.
Hopefully, Lilly will, too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Bento box!

Yesterday I found some new Bento boxes
at Tuesday Morning.
I couldn't really get a good pic of it, but these boxes are super cute.
This is the oval container and it cost $7.99.
I grabbed a two tiered teal rectangle container and a one tier purple, 
each of those cost $9.99.
Pretty good deal, right?
Here's what this one held this morning.
Top layer:
PB&J girl sammie (I was going for Harajuku Mini,
but I think it's lost in translation ;)
Goldfish crackers
Bottom layer:
Quaker Stila bits in strawberry
Two strawberry hearts
Milk (not pictured)
I really like these containers.
This one is oval and has handles, but it fits perfectly in her 
regular lunch box.
Here's the link to the company that makes them.
You can't buy online, though. :(
I'll post tomorrow with one of the other boxes.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy First of October!

It's officially October...
I ♥ October!
I don't really plan on doing a Halloween themed
Bento everyday this month, but for 
the first day, I did a little something.
Ham & cheese sammies
Reduced fat Wheat Thins
Apple slices
Mozerella stick arms ;)
Two peanut butter eyeballs
Minute Maid grape juice box
I am SO excited for Autumn!