Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lilly asked for a salad...

Today's lunch is a little bit of a surprise.
Lilly asked for a salad.
I was so surprised that she asked for it.
She'll eat salad from time to time, but usually only when it's 
part of a larger meal.
Salad w/ranch dressing
Dried strawberries and bananas
Cocoa almonds
One Hershey Kiss
Minute Maid Grape juice
I found a little baking set at my local Wal-Mart last night.
I opened it before I thought to get a picture, but it's AWESOME.
It's a Christmas baking set for children that comes with an 
apron, a small rolling pin, a spoon, a spatula,
and the best part...
It came with the big star (the other star cups are from Amazon),
 a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree,
two larger than normal silicone cups, two regular size and two mini.
All for a total of $6.97 before tax!
VERY good deal, if you ask me.
Check out your seasonal isle at Wal-mart to find it!

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