Friday, January 11, 2013

A couple of lunches...

Needless to say, the flu made its rounds through our house.
Lilly missed quite a bit of school.
I only have two lunches to post today.
PB&J sammie
Star pretzels
Babybel light Swiss cheese wedge
Stila strawberry bits
Penguin crackers
Two Oreo cookies
A few mini marshmallows
Juiceheads Strawberry Banana smoothie
Salad with Turkey Pepperoni
Low Fat Ranch dressing
Cheez-its crackers
Apples and grapes
Mini Oreo cookies (purple container)
Two mini Hershey bars
Apple juice
Hopefully, with everything Lilly's caught at school, her immune
system is able to fight off most things in the future.
Have a great weekend!

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